LAOH 87 


LAOH Division #87 formed on February 4, 1992. Rose McGonagle (State President) from Division #39 swore in the officers on this date. The officers were:

Marita Donnelly President
Donna Donnelly Vice President
Margaret Donnelly Recording Secretary
Mimi Doyne Treasurer
Mary Alice Swail Financial Secretary
Debbie Bednarz Catholic Actions
Kathy Gessler Irish Historian
Peggy Miller Missions & Charities
Rita Donnelly Mistress At Arms
Fran Lockhart Sentinal

The division started with 25 members at the first meeting. They met at the Democratic Club on Clearfield Street on the first Tuesday in February and have continued this tradition to this date.

The AOH Men's division was already well established in Port Richmond. They had been meeting for almost 94 years and now it was time for the women of Irish birth, descent or adoption, the wife or mother of a Hibernian or the mother of a Junior member to come together and join in the motto of Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity.

For the past 25  years the Ladies Division has grown from 25 to 160 current members. Our Patron is Our Lady of Knock, which was voted on by the first members. Fortunately we now have our own hall, established by the men of Division 87 in which we can meet on a monthly basis to share ideas and expand in the knowledge of our Irish heritage. 

In keeping with our motto, our work consists of aiding those most in need. We have adopted Providence House, a shelter for Families of Domestic Abuse. At Thanksgiving we make sure that every family in the shelter will have all the fixings for a traditional meal. Easter time each child receives a basket full of candy and toys and the women are given health and beauty aids, all donated by the women of LAOH #87.

We work united together to raise funds in order to help the less fortunate. Our fundraising techniques include our Irish Potatoes, Designer Bag Bingo, Beef and Beers, etc. We have been quite generous with donation to those who have asked or have a need.

Our bonds of unity have also grown with the men of Division 87. We work together as a team knowing there is strength in numbers. We are very proud to call Binlids and Kevin Donnelly Hall our home.

We are so grateful for all who have come before us, setting the foundation and given of their time, talents and treasures to make LAOH Division #87 an organization full of energy, dignity and pride. Today, as we grow, our work has spread to many others in need. We thanks those who give time and time again for love of this organization. We will continue to teach our young members so that our future will continue looking bright.